October 25, 2021


All Firmware EMMC UFS DUMP Support Paid Service

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V7:

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Build 07.0.0008.17:9:21.added auth bypass support for:* MT6873 MediaTek (Dimensity 800 5G).* MT6873V/ZA MediaTek (Dimensity 800 5G).* MT8765WB tablets (ARMv8 (64-bit).* added vivo demo remove option for latest vivo model.* added lg preloader crash support.* added preloader cash only option without disable auth ->to be able to use the port other tools which require usb hotplug callbacks.* phased out usblib and payloads and external depends, only 1 standalone supported chipsets:* MT6572* MT6580* MT6582* MT6592* MT6595* MT6735* MT6737* MT6739* MT6753* MT6755* MT6750* MT6750M* MT6750T* MT6750S* MT6757* MT6761* MT6762* MT3369* MT8766B* MT6763* MT6765* MT6768* MT6771* MT6779* MT6785* MT6795* MT6797* MT8127* MT8163* MT8516* MT8173* MT8695* MT6873* MT6799* MT8590* MT6833* MT6833V* MT6853* MT6853V* MT6853V/TNZA* MT6873 *new* MT6873V *new* MT6891Z* MT6893* MT8765WB *new* MT8385* MT8183* MT8666Link =

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