June 19, 2021


All Firmware EMMC DUMP Support

Halabtech Tool v9 Tool

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1- Support for flashing all Huawei devices with Qualcomm processors with EDL mode
2- Unlock Frp by Edl one click
3- Support ROM reading with EDL mode
4 – Repair phones missing Boot files
5- Read and write protection files for devices
6- Flashing the most spread types with Edl mode
7- Unlock Frp Lock with Edl one click trial mode
8. Support ROM reading with experimental EDL mode
10. Read and write Efs protection files
11- Make an erase for your Qualcomm devices
12 partial flashing for your Qualcomm phones
13. Adding the Samsung Root Codes to devices that the codes do not work on
14. Activate Diag for Xiaomi devices without a trial root
15- Delete Qualcomm MDM devices via EDL mode

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